• Overview:

  • Features
    • Flexible configuration to get the optimized operation point in your application
    • Adjustable full scale range, resolution, integration time and power consumption
    • High speed LVDS data interface
    • On board voltage reference and temperature sensor
    • Ultra-low noise down to 3200 electrons for a full-scale range up to 1µA
    • Very fast integration time down to 50µs
    • High linearity of ±250ppm of reading ±1ppm of FSR
    • Very low power dissipation down to 1mW/channel
    • Up to 26-bit resolution
    Product parameters
    Application CT scanner
    Primary Function Current-to-digital Converter
    Channels 128-channel
    Resolution [bit] 26
    Input Related Noise [Electrons @ 1µA FSR] 3200
    Min. Power Consumption [mW per Channel] 1
    Min. Integration Time [µs] 50
    Package FBGA248 (10mm x 10mm)